Magneds best agency in Emerce 100

Nr. 1 in the category midsize full-service interactive

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In the annual Emerce 100 that was published on the 7th of april, Magneds shows up as the best midsize agency in the Netherlands in its category full-service interactive.

Of the 100 best e-business companies of 2017, Magneds leads the list in its category with 5 1/2 stars out of 7, given by clients and other decision makers in the industry who judged Magneds.

The Emerce 100

Knowledge platform Emerce is an authority in the field of online business and marketing. Emerce has been composing the 'Emerce 100' for the 12th year now. A special edition in which the 100 best e-business companies in the Netherlands are listed. This top 100 is formed by research among decision makers in online marketing, ICT and e-business.

The votes of clients 

In the research, decision makers in our markets judge the performances of their agencies in the past year. Emerce does this image-research in collaboration with research agency Motivaction. The top 100 gives clients support when choosing online agencies and is a valuable award for all the names in the list.  

The division of internet agencies

Full-service internet agencies are divided into three categories: 'big', 'midsize' and 'small'. Big agencies have one hundred employees or more and/or a turnover upward of seven million euros. Agencies with more than twenty-five employees and less than one hundred employees and/or a turnover from one to seven million euros are called 'midsize' agencies in Emerce 100. Agencies with less than twenty-five employees and/or a turnover of less than one million euros are called 'small' agencies.