Magneds spreads its wings further in Europe

With a project for Swiss retail group Migros and a loyalty platform for Danish supermarket Lovbjerg, the first steps have been taken across international borders. But Magneds’ international ambitions reach much further. That’s why a search was made for suitable allies with whom new European markets can be conquered, resulting in Magneds agencies in Germany, Spain and Poland.

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Joining forces

The in-house developed digital platform S7 is the starting point for Magneds’ sales and loyalty solutions. Using building blocks such as win promotions, cashbacks and several saving systems, programs are tailored to suit the needs of A-brands in retail, FMCG, petrol and other industries. S7 has been developed in a way that makes it possible to quickly switch between countries, languages and campaigns. Combining the platform, the 360° service of Magneds and their own knowledge of the local markets, the new international partners are able to offer a full-scale solution to the brands in their countries.


Old markets, new opportunities

Poland has quite a traditional, competitive market, particularly in terms of price and promotion. But digitalization, improved privacy legislation and other social developments like the intended Sunday shop closing, provide the perfect breeding ground for Magneds’ solutions. Spain too is familiar with a market that is dominated by a price war, but something is brewing. Luis Carrascoso of Viva Marketing Spain: “Loyalty and engagement are unknown territory for most fast movers. S7 offers guidance. The clear method, cost-efficient application and measurable results should convince retailers that digitalization is the solution, with the S7 engine behind it."


Actions rather than words

Michael Gorius of the German Viva Marketing hears the digitalization buzz, but is surprised to see how few brands and retailers actually put their money where their mouth is. Like the others, he considers this the right time for what he calls marketing 4.0; the new kind of shopper activation. Although the foundation of marketing 4.0 is digital, he thinks the real difference can be made by offline touch points. Consumer valued, authentic content will open their hearts and minds to your brand. Together, Magneds and Viva Marketing are ready to build lifelong relationships between brand and consumer, fitting the digital present.