Pathé All Stars - a surprising plot with special effects

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Since April 2019, the Pathé theatres have their own loyalty program. With a digital pass, visitors receive points with every purchase, which can be exchanged for discounts or free products. This way you can make your cinema visit even more fun.



With this reward program, Pathé visitors can enjoy extras. Because the loyalty program does not have a physical pass, but an app that can be downloaded on a smartphone, visitors always have Pathé All Stars in their pocket which can easily be scanned at the cash register in the cinema.


Save or Share

If you watch a film on a regular base, you easily save for fun extras. And with Pathé All Stars you can not only save points, but you can also share them. Every time you earn points in the All Stars app, it is possible to keep or share them. By sharing them, the person receives half of the points and you never get into a fight about who can hold the points this time. Who are you taking to the movies?