Cécémel turns 70 and throws a party!

Cécémel knows how to dress up a party like no other. Together with Magneds, our southern neighbours of FrieslandCampina Belgium developed a giveaway around the brand celebrating their 70th birthday.

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Activation around the brand

The ‘LeefLekker/Les saveurs de la vie’ platform brings all FrieslandCampina Belgium campaigns under one roof, so that visitors only have to register once to take advantage of all ongoing promotions with a single account. The ideal place for FrieslandCampina Belgium to promote its brands in order to activate and identify consumers. Collecting, winning, cashback promotions, etc - this platform offers all facets of a loyalty program and therefore remains attractive to visit time after time.


A Cécémel party every day

From 13 May Cécémel is in the spotlight with their birthday giveaway, offering a buffet full of party prizes. Buy one of the participating products, which contain a unique promo code, and enter the code online. Answer the competition question and you immediately find out if you’ve won. Three lucky contestants will win their own Cécémel party, including a party bus! The other winners receive either an original Cécémel fridge, filled with a party supply of Cécémel ofcourse, or a Cécémel party package. Who do you invite to your party?


This campaign runs from 13 May to 31 December 2019. For more information, visit acties.leeflekker.be or actions.lessaveursdelavie.be.