New campaign Knauf Extra and Invicta Watches

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Knauf Extra is as strong as a brick wall since Knauf launched the online business-to-business activation platform in 2018 together with Magneds. In the meantime they know how to keep their savings program interesting by promoting surprising partners.


From September 1 construction workers can save for a discount on Invicta Watches. An attractive savings shop with a collection of 20 watches to surprise yourself or someone else. In addition, there is also a range of free Knauf items, such as a hoody and worker, which you can obtain for a few full savings cards. The offer in the Knauf Extra savings program changes regularly, this Invicta campaign runs until December 21, 2019.


The Knauf Extra online activation platform for web and app was launched in 2018. Users can register and participate in campaigns on the website and via the Knauf Extra app. A digital version of ‘collecting receipts' which is fully focused on usability. We generate insights and operate flexible and campaign driven. The platform offers an extra communication channel for Knauf with new, relevant contact moments.